The all pervasive ‘Indian Curry’ created to suit the British palate in the nineteen seventies no longer serves the evolving and ever more discerning tastes and adventurous palates of the British public, many of whom, having travelled to different regions of India, are increasingly aware of the diversity in Indian cuisine.

Very much conscious of this, a group of close friends from across India, who in their daily lives are senior professionals with a passion for authentic food, have set out to bring this exciting diversity in Indian cuisine to the Bromley Borough with this venture. Focusing on authentic regional indian cuisine and recipes, they spent the best part of the last 2 years proving this concept, first with Indian Street food and then with regional Indian dinner dishes, and are now taking it to the next stage. Whist inevitably, the recipes have been adapted to cooking in a restaurant, they are uniquely recipes for home cooking and still reflect the home style cooking that is so much in demand everywhere by discerning diners.

Our philosophy is reflected in the Tagline we have chosen - The ‘Indian’, as Indians know it.